Directors Profile

Ar. Naresh Wadhwa | Founder & Managing Director

I am an accomplished professional with a strong background in architecture and project management. With over a decade of experience, I have successfully established myself as the Founder and Managing Director of a Sh JMD Builders Pvt. Ltd. Throughout my career, I have been driven by a passion for excellence and a commitment to delivering exceptional results.



I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture (B.Arch), which has provided me with a solid foundation in design and planning. Additionally, I have a Master’s Degree in Project Management (MBA), equipping me with the skills necessary to lead and execute complex projects effectively.


Professional Journey:

Since 2007, I have been instrumental in steering my business from its humble beginnings with limited capital to a prominent position in the industry. As the head of various departments, including Fund Management, Architecture, Legalities, Sales, Brand Promotion, and Strategic Decision-Making, I have been able to drive growth and success.

Also, I am proud to be an esteemed member of the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE), where I continuously expand my knowledge and contribute to the advancement of the field.


Core Values:

Social Involvement: I strongly believe in giving back to society and actively participate in social initiatives that make a positive impact on our community.


Timely Delivery: I believe in delivering projects on time, ensuring that our clients’ expectations are met and their vision is brought to life within the agreed-upon timelines.


Quality: Striving for excellence is at the heart of everything I do. I am committed to upholding the highest standards of quality in every project we undertake.


Cost-Effective Projects: I am dedicated to finding innovative solutions that optimize costs without compromising on quality, making our projects financially viable and rewarding for all stakeholders.


Friendly Behavior: I foster a positive and inclusive work environment, promoting open communication and teamwork. Building strong relationships with my colleagues and staff is a priority for me.


Beyond Work:

In my leisure time, I indulge in my passion for sports. Cricket and table tennis are my favorites, as they help me unwind and stay physically active. I also enjoy public speaking engagements, where I share my insights and experiences, and I take pleasure in teaching students, sharing my knowledge from my college days.

Mr. pawan kumar ahuja | Managing Director

Mr. Pawan Kumar Ahuja is a Director of our Company. As a key partner, he looks after Funds Availability for all projects of our company. During his experience of 20 years as a Real Estate Developer, Mr. Pawan Ahuja has handover various projects at different locations in New Delhi. Apart from builder, Mr. Pawan also possesses conceptual knowledge & experience in Information Technology & Systems. Currently as our working partner, he plays key role in Intermediate negotiation processes, consulting clients on market conditions, prices alongwith ensuring a fair and honest dealing.

Mr. mukul goel | Managing Director

Mr. Mukul Goel, the Director of the Company, has two decades of experience in the real estate sector. He is responsible for the overall working of the Company and is instrumental in making strategic decisions for the Company. He heads the construction and purchase departments of the Company.

Mrs. Gitika Chhabra Wadhwa | Managing Director (CFA & Ms Finance)

 Mrs. Gitika is a Director of our Company & holds Masters Degree in Finance (Ms.Finance) & CFA along with qualification of B.Com(h) from Delhi University. During work experience of 7 years in Finance Background with different organizations, she managed overall financial accounting operations, including collections, purchase, receivables, deposits, prepared & presented weekly & monthly management reports on cost & benefit analysis. As a part of our company, Mrs. Gitika plays key role in Fund Management, taxation, MIS, planning & executing monthly/quarterly/annual closure schedules etc

Mr. Rahul Ahuja | Managing Director (Civil Engineer)

Mr. Rahul Ahuja, the Whole Time Director of our Company, holds a Diploma of Civil Engineering From MDU University. As a part of our company, Mr. Rahul Ahuja plays vital role in comprehensive Sales planning and Interior Panning of Projects.